2024 Juice Box Plays

Here are the top ten plays with evaluators comments!

Juice Box One Act Competition Top Ten for 2024,
Performances will be held July 28, 29 and 30th. Tickets are available now.

We Congratulate the top ten, the competition was fierce with submissions from across the globe. We thank all of the playwrights that submitted their work.


For the Record – F.J. Hartland, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
An extremely moving tear jerker play written with mastery drawing in the audience with a bit of longing and a blast from the past. Well done!

Eddy and Edna – Donald Loftus, New York, New York
The dialogue keeps the viewer engaged enough to reach the conclusion- which was a surprise- well done! Very good play – I enjoyed it and hope to see it on stage.

Together – Mike Sams, Buschland Beach, Queensland, Australia

Poignant! There is a lovely melody in their relationship. You make us like both of them. Though this is not a unique story it is told in such a beautiful way that it feels unique. You feel the love between the two and you feel her pain after the accident.

The Poem – Robyn Albright, Ripley, New York
This is a fabulous play! The characters are real and believable, the story is superb. Well, you had me crying by the end. Charming to hear of love in the last 1/3 of life. So much emphasis on the first third today.

Internal Suspension – Catherine D’Agostino, Fredonia, New York
There’s a little mystery in the beginning. A set up. What’s happening here? Who are these two people to each other? The story unravels nicely. Dramatic Irony. Once the hook is in, you can’t put it down. Well written from a believable foundation.


Bazookas – Sharon Goldner, Baltimore, Maryland
OMG! I so love this play! So well done! Totally amazing and creative! So visual! I waited for every word. Great Script!

Stealing a Kiss – Laurie Allen, Odessa, Texas
We’ve heard this story, familiar and somewhat inventive. More importantly it’s a story we love to hear and to hear it again in this setting with these characters is engaging. The story entertains and gets to the point before we second guess the result.

Speed Dating – Richard Strickland, Stoughton, Massachusetts
Interesting that it’s two smart asses who bump into each other at this event. Sounds horribly callous at the start, glad it turned around. I absolutely loved this! I guess it hit home! I hope we get to do this one.

Last Drinks – Greg Gould, Queensland, Australia
EXTREMELY FUNNY!! The script was addictive! Had to keep reading. Cute story of love, fear, compassion and intelligence or lack there of.

Grimm and Bear It – Lindsey Brown, Auckland, New Zealand
A very interesting and unique concept. An intelligent and attention keeping soliloquyish offering. It wowed. The dialogue is exceptionally witty, amusing and poignant. Well crafted