February Newsletter

We have an updated logo

lake shore center for the arts logo

We have updated our logo to include the images of the camera and clapboard to include our Innovation Studio with the other arts that we have always embraced. 

Hello Members and Friends 

 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: We’re not kidding when we say “We could not do this without you.”  If you’ve not yet renewed or started a membership with us, please do so. Keeping our ticket prices low and offering many events for free, we depend on memberships to help us pay royalties,  buy production supplies and pay the rent. A basic single membership is $35 and a family is only $50.  Of course, if you feel you can donate more than those amounts, we’ll appreciatively accept them.  Just go to https://lakeshorecenterforthearts.com/membership-giving/ if you wish to use your credit card. Or you simply can mail a check to us at LSCFTA, 49 S. Portage St., Westfield, NY 14787. Thanks so much! 

 CLASSIC MOVIE NIGHT: Tuesday February 20 is the date for our next free Classic Movie Night. This month’s presentation is ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, a 1944 film starring Cary Grant, Raymond Massey and Priscilla Lane. Welcome one and all – popcorn and great company are free!  

BRENDA ENO GALLERY: Currently Winter Photography and “The Colors of Love” are on display through March 31, 2024. On March 1, the Area School Student Show will open with a reception on Friday  March 1 at 6 PM. This show will run through the month of March. Note that the opening time is earlier than usual. This show proved a big hit last year, bringing in parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We are thrilled to offer these students an opportunity to have their work hung in an art gallery. They were excited to be there.  The gallery and our entire space is open each Saturday from 12 – 3, we would love to show you all that we have going on and to show you our spaces.

 INNOVATION STUDIO: The Studio schedules for February, March and April are posted on our website:  https://lakeshorecenterforthearts.com/studio/  We hope that those of you who participated in Carrie Shank’s recent workshops on digital artistry had fun and learned a great deal. The studio is open and hosted by an administrator each Saturday from 11-1, please stop by to learn about what the studio is all about.

WRITERS GROUPS: Mary Ellen shared that she and the two Wednesday groups are energized for the coming year. Our writers group is a friendly, helpful group and we do welcome new members. Contact us at lscfta@gmail.com or send a message on our Facebook page for more information. Please continue to look for an online outreach for LSCFTA’s Annual Literary Contest and  Anthology. Guidelines, including writing format, submission process, etc. and will be available on our website at the time of launch which will be soon.  https://lakeshorecenterforthearts.com/writers-group/ 

AFRICAN PRESENTATIONS: Karin Cockram will host a series of presentations related to her work &  travel in Kenya. These sessions will be on the 4 Wednesdays in March, each at 2-3 PM in the afternoon in our theater. Come share in Karin’s experience and enthusiasm. 

ANCESTRAL VOICES: Work is in progress for this presentation scheduled for May 17, 18 & 19, 2024. This A.R. Gurney work, set in his hometown of Buffalo is told through the eyes of young Eddie. His family’s life “turns topsy turvy” when a very unanticipated divorce is announced. Some of you will remember that Gurney also wrote “Love Letters,” a poignant work presented in our theater last year. 

DANCING WITH BREAST CANCER: Work on our presentation of Janay Cosner’s lyrical play is underway, with performances scheduled for August 16, 17, 18, 2024. Directed by our President Tina Rausa, co-directed by Pat Kirell and a cast of many! 

 Live theater! written by Janay Cosner, a member of the LSCFTA Writers’ Group. Janay tells the truth in vivid detail about her life as a breast cancer patient and survivor. She is a warrior who dances a defiant dance – a dance many women will recognize- a dance that will be eye-opening to all. Janay invites everyone to follow her amazing journey and self-transformation. Come dance with her!

 JUICE BOX 1 ACT PLAY COMPETITION: Entries have continued to pour in for the 2024 competition,  with 128 plays received from countries around the world and many states as of the entry deadline. Our reading panel now has the difficult job of choosing the finalists for presentation on our stage July 26, 27 and 28. What fun we had last year! We hope you will join us again in 2024. It might interest you to know that playwrights who enter the contest ultimately receive the rating sheets which evaluators complete for each entry, a courtesy not extended in many other writing competitions. 

See you at the theater!