So Long Mr. Broadway

February, 1939: After decades of slugging it out in vaudeville, Bobby Broadway and his talented troupe are finally calling it quits, and you’re invited to the big farewell show…if he can manage to keep them together long enough, that is! The new actress can’t seem to get her nerves under control, and Tommy the  funnyman keeps disappearing. And just why has Myrtle, the troupe’s resident songstress, been acting so secretive lately?

Disguising itself as a 1930’s “screwball” comedy, this delightful and disarmingly touching play will have you laughing and thinking about family, life, and the legacy we leave behind. “This is a wonderful play […] it’s charming.” – Tina Rausa, 40-year veteran of Buffalo theater

(This family-friendly production contains comedic depictions of alcohol and tobacco use.)


Oct 23 2022


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm