Fine Art Photography

The camera is an important tool but what really makes a photograph considered to be “fine art” is the intention of the artist.  Unlike photojournalism, snapshots or commercial photography, fine art photography is not about capturing a subject or objectively documenting real life. Landscapes, people, nature elements and more may appear in fine art photography, but these objects are not the specific focus or intention of the image.  Fine art photography is an opportunity for artists to  communicate their ideas and this may overlap with many other photography types, resulting in landscapes, portraits, still life or abstract image creations.  Join us for a pre-recorded workshop in advanced techniques used to create fine art photography.  Specifically, we will cover long exposure, tilt shift and infrared techniques.

Audience:  Any LSCFTA member is welcome.  However, parts of this workshop are in-depth discussion of techniques and it is recommended that attendees have an intermediate level knowledge of photography.

Location:  49 S. Portage, Westfield, NY; Upper Floor, Innovation Studio

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Jul 18 2024


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm